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What Does Canada’s Decision on Sodium Bromide Even Mean?

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September 15, 2019

Spa owners across Canada have been contacting us to find out more about the reevaluation of sodium bromide’s safety. Sodium bromide is a registered pesticide in Canada, and for many years it’s been one of the preferred methods for controlling algae, slime-forming bacteria, and other microorganisms in hot tubs. However, the tides have turned. In its most recent reevaluation (all pesticides in Canada are regularly reevaluated for safety), the government deemed the risk to human health from the misuse of sodium bromide by consumers too dangerous to continue to have it available to individual Canadians. So what does that mean for spa enthusiasts?


The Canadian government released the following risk mitigation measures to protect the general population from residual exposure: 

  • Manufacturers have been informed of the new changes, and parts and supplies are no longer available for the maintenance of sodium bromide systems. 
  • Manufacturers have cancelled all bromine swimming pools, spa electrolysis devices, or sodium bromide products intended for use in swimming pools and spa electrolysis devices. 
  • Sodium bromide spa products used in combination with potassium monopersulfate are also no longer permitted for use.


Further, all chlorine swimming pools and spa electrolysis devices will indicate they are not to be used with sodium bromide products. Any remaining sodium bromide swimming pools or spa products must not be used in combination with electrolysis, ozonation, or UV.


And Now in Plain English.

Salt systems using sodium bromide have been flagged as a health risk by  Health Canada. Because of this, manufacturers will no longer offer parts or supplies to support these kinds of salt systems. The good news is you can keep your spa. In order to keep it maintained without the use of sodium bromide (which will no longer be available), our team is offering a salt system removal service. Our salt system deactivation package begins at $120. This package development also lead to the further refinement of our hot tub and spa accessories and maintenance online store, which you can find here.


The Best Clean with the Least Chlorine.

MAAX Spas is leading the way on making clean, clear water a priority. With a focus on innovating the newest technologies used globally for drinking water, MAAX’s legendary sanitation system, the Cleanzone Ultra AOP System works with UV and ozone combined. This technology offers the cleanest spa water possible, while  simultaneously bringing your chlorine levels down to 1ppm, in line with Calgary’s tap water standard! 


Other manufactures boast about special cleaning cycles, but MAAX believes in purifying the water properly all the time — not just when a special cycle is running. MAAX engineers have precisely positioned every filter to provide optimal cleaning. The entire body of water is fully filtered every 15 minutes.


RnR is completely dedicated to offering local hot tub enthusiasts the cleanest, safest water in their spa. That’s why we stand behind MAAX’s unique filtration system and Cleanzone Ultra AOP System. If you currently have a sodium bromide system, it won’t be long until parts and products are simply not available for your spa. Contact RnR today, to deactivate your salt system and start cleaning with the newest, safest options available.

Consider contacting us today, or visit our online maintenance store today to ensure you maintain the clearest, cleanest experience possible.

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