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RnR’s Commitment to Clean Water

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September 1, 2019

When Calgarians who are new to hot tub ownership ask us why we love MAAX and American Whirlpool spas so much, one of the first things we’ll bring up is the manufacturers’ commitment to safety. The hot tubs you find at RnR use state of the art purifying technologies to prevent bacterial and fungal growth in your spa. In fact, some of the technologies you’ll find in your MAAX spa are used around the world to sanitize drinking water.


Ozone, or O3, is a naturally occuring gas. As ozone spontaneously breaks down into oxygen, it kills over 99% of all present bacteria and fungal organisms. It’s one of the most powerful, natural cleaners available, which is why ozone is trusted by medical laboratories to sterilize equipment and tools. MAAX has also harnessed the serious cleaning power of ozone in the Cleanzone Ultra AOP System.


UltraViolet Light is high intensity light from the sun. UV light mutates bacteria in the water, making it inert and unable to multiply. MAAX takes advantage of this power in its legendary state of the art water purification system called the Cleanzone Ultra AOP System.


Because the Cleanzone Ultra AOP System  is fully self contained, UV light cannot escape, so those using the hot tub are able to enjoy clear, clean water with no risk of a Clean Zone sunburn! This technology is used around the world to safely purify drinking water.


At RnR Hot Tubs and Spas, we understand that Calgarians need to be able to trust the water in their spas. That’s why we only offer hot tubs manufactured by MAAX Spas. With the newest technologies modelled after the tools used to provide safe drinking water and medical tools globally, MAAX is leading the way in our industry. When you choose the Cleanzone Ultra AOP System, you will enjoy the cleanest water with the least amount of chemicals. In fact, chlorine levels can be as low as 1ppm—the same standard as Calgary tap water.


The Canadian government recently made a ruling on the use of sodium bromide in regards to its use as a detergent in personal pools and hot tubs. The Canadian government ruled that sodium bromide (salt) systems could pose too much risk to consumers if handled improperly. For the protection of Canadians, sodium bromide systems are no longer available. But the good news is you can keep your current hot tub — salt system deactivation packages from RnR start at $120. 


Sodium bromide systems are no longer available to Canadians, but MAAX has invested heavily in engineering the best and safest spa cleaning technology. The Cleanzone Ultra System is as chemical-free as a hot tub can be. If you have questions about ensuring your spa has the cleanest, clearest water possible, call RnR Hot Tubs and Spa today! Our experts are here for you.

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