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When Is It Time to Trade in Your Spa?

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August 15, 2019

One of our favourite ways to spend the day is helping spa enthusiasts to find the perfect new hot tub. As with smartphones and laptops, newer and better hot tubs are constantly being released. From bluetooth to Clean Zone I and II, the latest technologies and best practices are incorporated into each new generation of spas, offering better value, less maintenance, and more enjoyment. Some of the latest, industry-leading features, like the doctor designed massage therapy zone, simply weren’t available on previous models, so it’s no surprise that Calgarians are itching for the newest spas!


Of course, hot tubs aren’t smartphones. Most Calgarians don’t want to trade in their spa after just one or two years, but many hot tub owners do want to trade in eventually. In fact, one question we hear all the time from ongoing and new clients alike is: how do you know when it’s time for a new spa?



A hot tub built by a reputable manufacturer should be durable and bring you years of enjoyment. This will be reflected in the warranty available. While there’s nothing stopping you from trading in your spa early, we generally recommend waiting at least until the warranty on your current model has run out.


Something’s Wrong.

Whether your spa has completely stopped working or you’re facing a seemingly endless number of repairs, it may be time to trade in. Many of the older spas use inferior technology and materials. Their parts may be obscure and expensive. While we understand the impulse to wait until your hot tub has completely failed, the bottom line is that older spas simply cost more to keep in good repair.


Your Monthly Expenses are High.

One of the biggest changes in new hot tubs is efficiency. Environmental stewardship and energy efficiency have become top of mind for consumers, and MAAX spas has responded by investing in the most innovative, top notch insulation technology. MAAX’s new Northern Exposure insulation, for example, takes advantage of copper reflected lining — first invented by NASA. Trading in an old spa that’s costing too much in energy bills for a newer model can save you a ton each month.


There are many reasons to trade in your spa, from wanting the newest options to monthly savings. Some first time hot tub owners are also uncertain about which features they’ll actually use, and they decide to play it conservative. After only a couple years, they’ll often upgrade to a fancier model. 


Another common reason to upgrade is that you’re moving. Instead of packing up an old hot tub that you plan on replacing in a year or two anyways, it can make more sense to trade it in for the latest model and have your new spa delivered to your new home. 


Regardless of why you’re trading in your spa, we’re here to help! Talk to our spa specialists about trading in your spa for new technology today.

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