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The Benefits of Having Water Maintenance Service

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August 1, 2019

At RnR Hot Tubs and Spas, we love helping Calgarians fall in love with their very first hot tub. Too often we meet folks who have always wanted their very own spa, but for whatever reason, they are only now able to act on that life long dream. But there’s more to hot tub ownership than finding the perfect spa that meets all your current and future needs. New hot tub owners can even attend pool school and learn how to clean and replace their filter, balance chemicals, and vacuum particles. 


Or you can subscribe to our water maintenance service and leave all the hard work to our experts!


What is RnR’s Water Maintenance Service?

Our comprehensive water maintenance service includes everything your hot tub needs to stay in optimal shape month after month. We include all maintenance chemicals, provide a new set of filters each year, and include a complimentary, annual 50 point inspection. Every two weeks, one of our friendly technicians will come to your home to clean your hot tub’s filter, test your spa’s water, balance the chemicals, vacuum large particles away, and scrub your spa cover and outer shell surface until they shine.


Subscribers also enjoy a discount on all accessories, parts, and services.


Is Our Plan Right for You?

Chemical changes, filter changes, cleaning and maintaining the cover and outer shell every couple weeks… who really has the time for all that? Our water maintenance services are perfect for busy professionals who want a great place to escape from the stress of everyday life without any of the responsibility. For just $179 a month, our maintenance services make it easier to find the time to relax and have fun by ensuring all the regular, necessary maintenance is completed punctually without you having to lift a finger or purchase any supplies.


In short, our water maintenance package is a full service plan. You enjoy your hot tub, and we take care of the rest. Save time, save energy, save stress.


At RnR Hot Tubs and Spas, we understand that hot tubs can be both delightfully fun and a lot of work. It just makes sense that many busy, spa enthusiasts would prefer to enjoy their hot tub without spending hours wiping, draining, filtering, and measuring chemicals. Which is exactly why we created our convenient, comprehensive maintenance plan. If you want to relax knowing your hot tub is in optimal condition, give our experts a call today and subscribe to our maintenance plan!

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