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Keeping Your Hot Tub Pristine

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May 1, 2020

We don’t need to tell you how great hot tub ownership is. You likely also know that keeping your hot tub in peak condition is going to take a little work — this is even more true during the COVID-19 crisis. Your family will likely be turning to your hot tub more than ever as pools remain closed and social distancing rules make the beach off limits. Fortunately, fantastic options like the Cleanzone Ultra AOP System harness the impressive cleaning powers of UV and ozone to greatly reduce how much maintenance is required. However, some tasks, like ensuring your filter is clean, will still be important and necessary. We offer Ultrasonic Filter Cleaning Services to ensure your hot tub filter gets really clean.


At RnR, we definitely recommend that any Calgary hot tub owner with a compatible MAAX spa invests in Clean Zone Ultra System.  We cannot overstate the difference this system makes. Or,if you are ready, trade in your old spa for one with leading engineering and innovation from Maax Spas.


Clean Zone AOP System uses state of the art engineering modelled after drinking water purification technology.  This system uses UV and Ozone to create hydroxy radicals that exponentially increase the performance of your hot tub. Not only will you require less chemicals, you will be exposed to less chemicals and can enjoy water with less than 1ppm of chlorine. That amount is the same as water in your bathtub all while keeping your water clean and healthy.


Ultrasonic Filter Cleaning uses the power of ultrasonic waves to generate microscopic bubbles that scrub every surface of your filter ensuring a brilliant clean filter. This process increases flow and is less damaging to your filter thus increasing its life span. This process will ensure your filter is very clean and safe to use in your hot tub over and over. Now that being clean is so important, don’t forget about your filter.


With this system on board, your hot tub can reach next level clean. By taking advantage of the Cleanzone Ultra AOP System, your spa water will benefit non-chemical purification, so chlorine levels can be as low as 1ppm—the same standard as Calgary tap water. No more worrying if your child swallows a little hot tub water!


Cleaning Your Filters.

Even if your spa’s water meets drinking water standards, you’ll still need to keep your hot tub filter clear and clean. Your hot tub filter protects the delicate mechanisms that keep your spa functioning. Large particles, like hair, leaves, or insects can damage your hot tub, so your filter works hard to keep this debris out of your pump, heater, etc.


Remember! Before cleaning or rinsing your spa’s filter by yourself for the first time, be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions. If you ever feel confused or unsure of how to progress, check back with these instructions or call the Calgary hot tub experts at RnR — we’re here to help!

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