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The Perfect Father’s Day Present for a Stressed Medical Professional

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June 1, 2020

During these difficult times, we’ve all been a little stressed by the challenges we’ve faced as a community. Social distancing has made it difficult or impossible to spend time with our loved ones and friends. Working and schooling from home have created a perfect storm of social isolation, leaving many Albertans vulnerable to depression. But perhaps no one has been working as hard as our amazing health and medical professionals. These tireless heroes have put the health and lives of all Albertans before their own safety, and for that, all we can say is thank you. We owe you a debt we can never pay.


Celebrating Father’s Day from Isolation.

As the province begins to open up, many Calgarians are going to continue to be careful. This is even more true for health practitioners who will truly understand the repercussions if they were to fall ill. But while golfing or visiting a national park may not feel like good options, that doesn’t mean Father’s Day should pass unobserved. Many health practitioners, from doctors and emergency responders to nurses and long term care providers, are fathers; and these special men deserve to be celebrated for their selflessness and commitment to public health. We know that kids and mums across Calgary are thinking hard about how they can show all of our amazing men how much they mean to us.


Think Bigger than Another Tie.

If there’s one universal truth this pandemic has reminded us all of, it’s that there’s nothing more important than our health, which is why we’re recommending a hot tub as your Father’s Day gift for dad this June. There are four big contributors to a person’s physical and mental wellbeing, and a hot tub helps improve all four of them.


Sleep & Relaxation.

All parents share a visceral understanding of exactly how important sleep is, so even if your dad no longer has toddlers waking them up once or twice a night, you can be sure that your father appreciates a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, if your dad has shift work (common amongst some health careers) or is worried (which is to be expected during a pandemic), it can be a real challenge to get the sleep he needs.


Some research has found that unplugging from a screen to soak in a hot bath an hour before bed can be one of the most effective sleep treatments for those who prefer to steer clear of medical interventions. A hot tub, which is always ready and waiting at exactly the right temperature, can become the centre of a bedtime ritual of disengaging from the outside world when getting ready to sleep.


Fitness & Social Connection.

The gym isn’t open yet, and even once it is, we’d understand why Calgarians are nervous about heading back to a public space where everyone around you will be sweating and breathing hard on the shared equipment. With the right hot tub, you can give dad a safe place to swim, stretch, and exercise within the shelter of his home. MAAX has specially created fitness spas that are built to facilitate swim training, resistance training, and aqua yoga for a full-body workout at home.


A spa that’s large enough for the whole family can also quickly turn into the family hub. Everyone can relax together in the hot tub before bed, allowing family members to relax and reconnect. Maybe the idea of needing MORE time together seems ludicrous when we’ve all been trapped inside with our families the last month, but being in the same house isn’t the same as being together. During these times, it may actually be more important than ever to set time aside to talk about how everyone’s day is going.


From improving sleep to social connection, there’s nothing better than a hot tub to unite your family and promote better health. Our experts at RnR Hot Tubs are committed to helping Calgarians benefit from hot tub ownership while maintaining social distancing. Schedule a wet test with us in order to safely try out your new hot tub in person.


At RnR Hot Tubs, we want to wish every Calgary dad a very Happy Father’s Day! For those dads who are also medical professionals, we want to say Happy Father’s Day and thank you. We hope that you have a great day with your loved ones.

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