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Wouldn’t a Spa Feel Great Right Now?

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July 1, 2020

The weather is hot, but unlike most summers, Canadians won’t be escaping the heat by travelling. Even enjoying our local swimming pools doesn’t seem like a great idea. Perhaps that’s why the hot tub market has seen an increase of over 600% since the onset of COVID-19! As everyone is spending more time at home and many people are feeling stressed about work and the potential of getting sick, Calgarians are looking for an escape. Serving as a family hub, home gym, and a quiet place to unwind, it’s no wonder that a new hot tub is on the top of every Canadian’s wishlist! If you’ve always wanted a hot tub, here are just a few reasons you should consider a MAAX spa!

MAAX is Helping the Fight Against COVID-19!

There are so many things to love about MAAX spas. They build some of the highest quality hot tubs available and they design their spas with a northern market in mind — which means their tubs are designed and constructed for life in Canada. But MAAX is more than just one of the best hot tub manufacturers in North America. MAAX cares about their customers, and more importantly, they care about people in general.

We’re so proud to say that MAAX is doing its part to help support the U.S. as it rushes to build new hospitals in the wake of the pandemic. As we’re sure most Albertans know, the U.S. has been hit harder than any other country, and MAAX is helping to build toilets and showers for new hospitals to ensure patient hygiene, as well as access to toilet facilities for medical staff and patients who are battling the coronavirus.

Invest in Quality.

With social distancing and stay at home orders that may come back in fall, it’s important to Calgarians to stay healthy. This is why you’re not going to want a cheap, low-quality hot tub that constantly needs repairs. MAAX products are durable. They’ve been around for a long time, so you know that you’re getting quality you can count on and that if something does need a repair ten years down the road, MAAX and companies like RnR Hot Tubs will still be around to provide the support you need. Hot tubs are an excellent investment, but they are an investment, which is why you need to get a quality spa you can count on.

When the pandemic struck, many factories shut their doors — but MAAX didn’t. Over the last several decades, we’ve made smart, forward-thinking purchasing decisions that have allowed our company to grow while maintaining stability. We knew that, despite the pandemic, we would be able to stay open and continue actively providing the tubs we believed Canadians would need as their access to public pools, their local gym, and more were limited.

It’ll be another year before we have a vaccine, but you won’t have to wait that long to get a hot tub. Our friendly professionals at RnR Hot Tubs have continued to serve Calgarians throughout the pandemic, and we’ll be here to continue helping you.

Ready to take the leap? Jump into a wet test at RnR today! Call now to schedule an appointment.

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