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New Year, New Wellness Budget — How Are You Using Yours?

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December 10, 2019

As the New Year approaches, gyms all over Calgary enjoy a huge boost in memberships as Canadians from coast to coast resolve to get fit and feel better. Unfortunately, most Calgarians aren’t going to form the gym habit they dream of. By February, the average Canadian will have quit going to the gym, but they’ll still be paying for that gym pass every week. That’s not a good use of your wellness dollars.


The Gym is Inconvenient.

One of the biggest problems with the gym is it’s inconvenient. They’re often out of the way, which means finding time somewhere between long work hours and family obligations to drive to the gym and work out. Add traffic, snow, and windchill, and Calgarians have a lot of reasons to just stay home. The best exercise is the kind that’s built directly into your schedule: walking the dog, taking the stairs, or working out at home at a specific time of day. That way nothing gets in between you and your fitness.


And It’s Embarrassing.

Gym culture can seem awfully uninviting to those new to fitness. That’s not the right environment to foster your ambitions. Your fitness goals are admirable, and you shouldn’t ever feel bad about trying to feel better. That is why we love recommending fitness hot tubs for Calgarians who are looking to get fit in the comfort of their own home, where they can feel confident as they exercise.


Put Your Wellness Budget to Better Use. 

When you add up your monthly gym pass, it’s expensive, and for most Canadians, it also doesn’t help them feel better. While we’ll admit we’re biased, we think a much better use of your wellness budget would be investing in a hot tub. Here are just a few ways your hot tub can improve your wellness better than going to the gym.

  • Everyone in your home can benefit from an exercise spa without needing to purchase extra membership passes.
  • Hot tub use as a relaxation aid before bed has shown to improve sleep quality and quantity.
  • Aqua fitness in a spa offers a convenient, in home location to practice a no-impact exercise routine which can help those suffering from chronic pain or injury to improve their fitness without further injuring themselves. 
  • Aqua fitness is a great way for everyone to have fun as they get stronger and feel better.
  • Spas offer the perfect place to practice mindfulness and meditation, which are both shown to reduce rates of anxiety and depression in adults and teens.


It’s pretty clear how hot tubs are a great use of your wellness budget if feeling better, improving fitness, and getting more sleep are all priorities for you this year. To make owning a hot tub more affordable than ever, RnR offers financing options with monthly payments similar to what you’d expect for a high quality gym membership. Talk to our experts today about how owning a hot tub can improve your health and your life.

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