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Looking Back as We Look Forward

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January 1, 2020

You may have heard that RnR is celebrating its 20th year of success! We couldn’t be more proud of our small, family business. Now that the new year has come and past, we think it is the perfect time to look back on what has made our business thrive for the last two decades, so we can create goals for growing RnR further in the future.


As a team of middle aged business owners, we know that we’re really good at a lot of what makes RnR flourish year after year. All of our team members bring their A-game every day, and we are ready to work hard and come up with creative solutions to help our clients and our company. We’ve had 20 years to grow and learn together, and our trust, teamwork, and perseverance have allowed RnR to weather the numerous recessions Canada has faced with optimism and humour.


Even during the low times, we knew that Canadians value their health and happiness above all else, and the right spa is the perfect tool for many Calgarians to achieve their physical and mental health goals. Finally, our team has always strived to act with integrity. Whether we’re answering your questions, maintaining an older spa, or installing a new hot tub, we put our client’s needs first. We stand behind the services we provide and believe in the products that we offer 100%. Our team will never try to sell you something we don’t think you’ll benefit from.


As hot tub enthusiasts ourselves, there is nothing more satisfying than working with Calgarians who have always dreamed of owning their own spa but aren’t sure if the value vs expense lines up for them. Hot tubs are incredible. They’re a place to exercise and a place to recover from injury. They’re a place to reconnect with friends and family or a place to meditate quietly. Relaxing in a spa after dinner helps Calgarians to get more sleep. And them family hot tub is where many kids learn to swim in the comfort of their own home. In our opinion, the way hot tubs bring families and friends together is priceless. Which is why we offer financing options that make spa ownership affordable for almost any Calgary family.


Of course, our team isn’t perfect. No team is, but we’re confident that our work ethic and our will to improve will serve us well as we move into the future. One thing we’d love to do better in 2020 is social media. Maybe it’s because our team is made up of a bunch of middle aged business owners, but we haven’t quite achieved the social media following we’ve been hoping for. So if you want to give RnR a late birthday present, why not help us achieve our 2020 resolution to build a more active community online. Give us a like or follow us on Twitter! It would really mean a lot to us.

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