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Here’s to a Healthier, Happier Year!

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January 10, 2020

As far as we’re concerned, there’s no better time of year than the start of a new year. Calgarians are buzzing with new energy to improve their lives. This is the year they exercise or tackle chronic pain. This is the year they prioritize their family,  take charge of their mental health, or start getting more sleep. It’s just so exciting to see and be a part of!


Exercise Success.

Despite a jump in gym membership sales, many Canadians will unfortunately fail to meet their fitness goals. This is largely due to the difficulty of forming new habits paired with too little time. Having to find the time not only to workout but also to drive to and from the gym (during rush hour in WINTER), and the real surprise is that anyone manages to build this new habit.


Which is why we recommend Canadians take the hundreds of dollars they’ll spend on a gym pass, and use that money to invest in a fitness spa instead. Like rent money, gym money feeds the void, while purchasing your own at-home workout equipment (like a fitness spa) is a real purchase. You and your family get to enjoy your new hot tub for years to come. With a fitness spa, you’ll be able to practice aqua yoga, endurance swimming, and more. There’s no commute, so you can exercise whenever you have a free moment.


Relieve Chronic Pain.

Aquatic fitness is one of the best forms of exercise. In particular, athletes who are recovering from an injury and need to stay in peak physical condition without straining their injury can greatly benefit from an aquatic fitness routine. Similarly, those with arthritis or another chronic pain condition have been repeatedly shown to benefit from exercise. However, people with such conditions often cannot enjoy or participate in many forms of exercise. We are honoured that so many Calgarians living with chronic pain have felt empowered to manage their symptoms through aqua fitness and hydrotherapy.


Sleep Better.

We don’t need to tell you that Canadians are getting less and less sleep every year. Between demanding work and a busy family life, there simply isn’t enough time for everything. Most Canadians average just 7 hours of sleep each night — a full hour shy of the recommended 8! And a full third of Canadians aren’t even getting 7 hours. Disconnecting from your technology to go soak in the spa before bed has been shown to help. There’s nothing like enjoying hot water to relax the mind and let your stresses slip away. Enjoying your spa for just 15 minutes before bed can significantly improve your overall sleep naturally — without the need for medications.


It’s 2020! So here’s to a healthier, happier you. If you’ve been pondering how to best use your wellness budget this year, we can’t think of a better option than purchasing a hot tub. With benefits to your fitness, sleep, and mental health, a new spa really is holistic health solution.

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