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Valentine’s Day In

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February 1, 2020

Whoever decided the most romantic night of the year should be in the middle of February clearly wasn’t born in Canada. But alas, we have to work with what we’ve got. So with the roads icy, the weather disgusting, and all the best restaurants overcrowded anyways, many Calgarians are taking Valentine’s Day as an excuse to have a quiet, romantic evening — but they’re skipping the brave-the-blizzard part.


Set Expectations.

Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts of flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are lovely, but they can also get a little tired year after year. When planning a romantic evening in the hot tub, a more thematically interesting gift could be new, luxuriously soft bath sheets or even new swimwear.


Set the Mood.

Before the evening begins, it’s nice if you can transform your spa into a quiet, seclusive get away for two. See if your kids can spend the night with a grandparent or a single friend, so you can have the house to yourselves. You can use candles to create the after-hours ambience that you want, and if your hot tub is outdoors, and you have the pleasure of living away from the city lights, take a moment to look up which constellations will be lighting your night and the associated stories that humans have been passing down for thousands of years.


Sensual Essentials.

From delicious spa fragrances, like pomegranate or coconut vanilla, to exotic scents, like Hawaii or Paris, there is a nearly limitless variety of scrumptious scents to delight. Aromatherapy can be used to help relax, arouse, and everything in between. You can learn more about aromatherapy in your hot tub from one of our older articles! Remember to also consider the music you want to play and the foods you want to eat (we recommend cut fruit, slices of bread and cheese, and sparkling juice!)


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we know many Calgarians are scrambling for ideas to show their partner just how much they love them. While jewelry is the most common larger gift purchase, we want to invite Calgarians to consider another option: a new hot tub for two. Both the amour and duet hot tubs from MAAX’s elite Vita Spa’s line are especially designed to provide the perfect hot tubbing experience to couples. This is one Valentine’s Day present that will have everyone talking!


Have questions about choosing the perfect couple spa? That’s why we’re here! Our hot tub experts have the answers you need and the experience you want. Call us today, and happy Valentine’s Day!

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