How Much Electricity Does a Hot Tub Use?

How Much Electricity Does a Hot Tub Use

Buying a hot tub is an exciting adventure! It’s fun to find and choose the perfect spa for your backyard. How many jets do you want? What kind of lounge seat do you prefer? What size and colour of hot tub do you favour? Are you interested in a foot massager, steps, or a handrail?
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Choose a Dealer with Service Experts When Buying a Spa

Service Experts When Buying a Spa

Choosing and purchasing a hot tub is a complicated and involved task! On top of that, it’s only the first step in the process of establishing your spa in your backyard. You must also carefully choose a location, adequately prepare your site for spa delivery and handle all electrical needs. You’ll also need to know
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How Often Should I Drain My Hot Tub?

How often should I drain my hot tub

Draining and refilling your hot tub is a hassle! Many owners avoid this simple yet crucial detail of care. However, draining and refilling are important parts of keeping your water clean and safe. Refilling and rebalancing the water prevents damage to the spa and protects users. Why do I need to change the water in
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Why a Steel-Framed Hot Tub is the Smart Option


There are many styles, sizes and brands of hot tubs. They come in various shell colours, with a range of jet arrays and numerous possible accessories and/or options. There is so much to consider when you are searching for the perfect spa for your backyard! One feature that many buyers fail to consider is the
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Essential Hot Tub Accessories

Essential Hot Tub Accessories

A hot tub is a great place to relax and release tension after a hard day at work. It’s a beneficial spot to unwind in the evening, improving your quality of sleep. A spa is a satisfying place to spend time with family and friends, promoting conversation and connection. You can take this relaxing, beneficial
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