Winter Accessories for your Hot Tub

The Best Winter Accessories for your Hot Tub

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November 15, 2022

Winter is here! This means lazy days in the warm waters of your spa, free from yard and garden work. Did you know there are a number of accessories you can add to your hot tub to enhance your winter experience? Below are suggestions for add-ons that make hanging out in your hot tub during cold weather more pleasurable. 

  • Spa stereo system and/or wifi: Relax in your hot tub while listening to your favourite tunes. A stereo system helps you unwind and destress after a long day. Or listen to the game with the help of wifi, doubling your enjoyment!  
  • Hot tub cover: A hot tub cover is one of many important accessories for any season but is of particular importance during the winter. Choose a cover with good insulation, one constructed for longevity. It will help maintain water temperature and save on your electricity bill. Consider a Covana system. The Covana unit will operate year-round allowing you to enjoy your spa in any season. It has a snow load capacity of approximately 600 lbs when in the down position and can lift its own weight plus 200 lbs of snow. Covana systems are rated to withstand 40 mph winds while in the up position and 80 mph winds in the down position. With twice as much insulating value as a standard spa cover (R-21), Covana systems lock in heat and lock out cold. The water-tight seal offers optimal water retention and reduced chemical evaporation, saving on water and maintenance.
  • Hot tub steps/handrail: Steps help you get in and out of the hot tub more conveniently and serve as a safety feature when your yard and/or deck are covered in snow and ice. Choose a slip-resistant style. Even with steps, getting in and out of your spa in winter conditions can be a challenge. Consider a handrail. It adds much-needed support. 
  • Heated floor mats are a great hot tub accessory during winter! If you have to cross a deck or walk over a patio before stepping into your spa, heated mats provide protection and comfort. Use them to keep the path to your hot tub free of ice and snow. 
  • Pergola: A pergola is a permanent structure with an open roof system. It can be made in a variety of styles and will enhance the visual appeal of your hot tub, providing partial shade in the summer and protection from snow and wind during the winter. A pergola can be attached to your home or freestanding, support climbing plants, or include a fabric cover for additional coverage. RnR hot tubs and spas are proud to partner with Sawback Craft Co. to bring you fine-crafted timber pergolas. Handcrafted with wood chisels and pegs, this structure will stand the test of time and create a timeless centrepiece for your outdoor space. Surround yourself with the beauty of natural timbers to ground and focus the design of your backyard space and provide the privacy and protection you desire.
  • Spa blanket: For spas and hot tubs in cold Canadian climates, a floating spa blanket can increase heat retention by up to 50%. Floating spa blankets are available in three types: a durable radiant spa blanket with an aluminum underside, a floating foam blanket made of closed cell foam and the economy spa bubble blanket made of extruded PE. Spa insulating blankets are sold in square sizes and can be trimmed with scissors to fit your spa size and shape.
  • A spa cap is a cover for your hot tub cover. Made from tough, durable woven polyethylene, a spa cap protects your hot tub from the elements, especially during times of infrequent use. They are designed with a silver reflective surface to help melt snow during winter months.
  • Spa caddy: A hot tub accessory you may not think of, a spa caddy allows you to sip hot drinks while you soak, ensuring you maintain hydration while relaxing. Put drinks, phones, snacks, towels and spa accessories safely within reach on a side tray.
  •  Aromatherapy: From relaxing soothing aromas to fun and enlivening scents to therapy blends, aromatherapy sets the mood for your hot tub soak. Available in liquid and crystal form, hot tub aromatherapy products are specially formulated for your spa.
  • Towel bar: A towel bar is one of those deceptively simple products that makes all the difference in spa convenience, especially in cold weather. It holds towels a short distance away from splashing water and steam and conveniently folds flat against the spa side when not in use. 
  • Toque: While your body is toasty warm in your spa waters, your head and ears can become numb and red during cold winter immersions. A toque or headband helps keep heat in, hair dry and you comfortable, enabling a longer soak.   

What a luxury it is to soak in a hot tub on a cold winter day! Numerous accessories and supplies can make this cold-weather activity even more convenient and enjoyable.

Interested in accessories to improve your winter hot tub experience? Contact Calgary-based RnR hot tubs and spas. We carry a full line of hot tub accessories. Call (403) 203-0860 or fill out the contact request. RnR provides comprehensive service, expert knowledge, a wealth of field experience and the best products in the industry to help you maintain your hot tub/swim spa for years of enjoyment. RnR is Alberta’s premier hot tub/swim spa store specializing in the World’s First Steel Framed Spas from American Whirlpool, Vita Spas and MAAX Spas.

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