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Three Ways Your Hot Tub Will Help Your Health This Fall

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October 1, 2017

While most Canadians haven’t used hydrotherapy, we’re willing to bet that many of you understand the gist of what hydrotherapy is just from the name. It’s the treatment of disease, ailments, or conditions with water external to the body. Since ancient times, soaking in hot water has been a treatment for a variety of issues, and in today’s modern world Canadians can benefit from the knowledge of the ancients right at home.

Relieve Pain.

Whether you have arthritic joint pain or a sore back from hunching over your desk all day, chronic pain is a problem that many Canadians suffer with every day. The cooler weather often makes joint pain worse, and many Canadians suffer debilitating chronic pain throughout the fall and winter. Hot packs have been used to treat muscular and joint pain for years because the heat helps the body to relax and unknot. Soaking in your hot tub provides the same relief as a hot pack, but the buoyancy of the water also relieves your joints and muscles of the burden of holding your body. In fact, when you float in your hot tub, nearly 90% of your mass is carried by the water. This can be an amazing relief for those with chronic pain.

Get Exercise.

Many elderly Canadians and even younger folks who are overweight or have chronic pain are told to exercise. In theory this makes a lot of sense. Exercise has amazing benefits from feeling better to prolonging life. However, not all Canadians are capable of doing standard exercises like running or going to the gym. For these individuals, exercising in their hot tub is a way to gain the wonderful benefits of fitness without causing undue pain. Hot tub yoga and hot tub aerobics are just two of many fitness options within your hot tub. The water provides a great source of resistance for your exercise while also cradling your body to prevent joint pain. This sort of option is particularly important as we move into winter, where snow and ice may make outdoor exercising particularly challenging for some Calgarians.

Relax & Sleep.

If you’re anything like the average Canadian, you’re likely working more hours than ever, relaxing less, and feeling pretty wound up. Going into autumn, most Canadians are at their busiest. There’s school to get the kids to, activities after that, homework to make them finish, plus your own job. Fewer and fewer Canadians are getting their full 8 hours of rest every night, and this is causing more people to suffer from anxiety and stress. As your body collects sleep debt, it becomes more difficult to focus on the tasks at hand, but it can also become harder to sleep since your mind is stressed and buzzing. Schedule some self-care time every evening to soak in your hot tub for 20 minutes. Relax, enjoy the hot water, and imagine your worries washing away. This sort of relaxed mindfulness has been shown to improve wellness.

Most of our clients come in looking for a hot tub because they think it’ll be a fun place for their family to play and bond. But it’s useful to remember that your spa can be so much more than a place for hot tub parties. A hot tub is useful tool for improving your health. To learn more about how your hot tub can help you to feel better, contact the experts at RnR Hot Tubs and Spas today!

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