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What Supplies do you Need to Maintain Your Hot Tub?

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November 15, 2020

If you own a hot tub you’ll want to keep your water crystal clear, sanitary and ready to use so you can enjoy your spa at a moment’s notice. To do this, you’ll need to maintain proper water chemistry and keep your spa equipment in good shape. But hot tub chemicals can be confusing! What spa chemicals do you need to ensure correct water chemistry? Which are optional?


Necessary supplies:

    • Test Strips help you balance your water for both comfort and equipment protection. They are inexpensive and easier to use than drop test kits. Purchase test strips such as Insta Test 3-way Blue as they allow you to test levels of Free Chlorine or Bromine, alkalinity and pH all at once.
    • Chlorine or Bromine are the two main options for sanitizing. Chlorine is slightly less expensive and highly effective at killing algae. Bromine works well at high temperatures without the smell of chlorine. However, health Canada is moving away from Bromine based products. As a result, RnR does not recommend or sell Bromine products any more. We recommend using quality chemicals such as AQUA Granular stabilized chlorine granules. Aqua Easy Shock. Combined with the latest purification technology using UV and Ozone you reduce your chemical use and achieve very clear clean water.
    • Spa pH & AlkalinityBalancers: Proper alkalinity is essential to the successful operation of a hot tub. It helps to maintain the pH of the hot tub at the proper level and prevents pH bounce. Use AQUA Trol to raise the total alkalinity and muratic acid to lower pH and alkalinity.



Supplies that are good to have:


  • Spa Calcium Increaser raises calcium hardness in hot tub water preventing corrosion, surface pitting and foaming. Use AQUA Cal to achieve the ideal water balance.


  • A Hot Tub Clarifier coagulates small particles making them easier to filter, prevents scum build-up, clears the water and reduces odour. Try AQUA Super Clarifier, an all-natural, non-toxic concentrated formula that also helps reduce metal buildup.
  • A Filter Cleaner and Scale Remover reduces oil and mineral scale deposits on filter elements in order to maintain efficient filter operation and longer filter runs. Consider AQUA Filter Free which also emulsifies suntan lotion and body oils.
  • A Defoamer is used to reduce foam and bubbles on the surface of the water. SPA LIFE Foam is an effective and safe defoaming agent.

In order to maintain proper water chemistry and keep your spa equipment in good shape, it’s important to regularly inspect, clean and add chemical enhancers. Ask your hot tub provider for a demonstration on how to care for your spa. Take a few minutes each week to maintain your hot tub.

Looking for quality hot-tub chemicals? Need help balancing your spa? Contact Calgary-based  RnR hot tubs and spas. Call (403) 203-0860 or fill out the contact request. RnR provides comprehensive service, expert knowledge, a wealth of field experience and the best products in the industry to help you maintain your hot tub for years of enjoyment. Consider our spa school which teaches basic water chemistry and introduces the chemicals needed to keep your hot tub safe and clean. RnR is Alberta’s premier hot tub store.

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