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Can’t Get to Your Chiropractor or Masseuse? Soaking in a Hot Tub can Help!

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December 1, 2020

COVID-19 has cut off many from the services they need. People with arthritis, injuries, and or chronic pain who benefit from chiropractic or massage therapy may not be able to access these essential services. Albertans who are immunocompromised or otherwise at a greater risk of complications can feel trapped. A hot tub can help!


Hydrotherapy (the use of water to relieve pain and treat medical conditions) dates back to the time of the Romans. They utilized water to soothe muscles, bones and joints as well as treat symptoms of disease. The modern hot tub has taken this ancient principle and added therapeutic massage jets to increase the healing effects. The heat of a spa opens blood vessels allowing blood to flow more easily in the body, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and improving flexibility and range of motion. The water provides support for sore limbs resulting in decreased swelling and increased circulation. The massage jets increase blood flow which helps clear toxins and reduces pain and inflammation. The relief from the buoyancy of the water in your spa and the benefits of heat and massage can help improve a variety of ailments.


    • Headache reduction: The heat and steam of a hot tub help fight the congestion associated with sinus headaches. By dilating blood vessels and providing warmth and relaxation, your spa can decrease pressure easing headache symptoms.
    • Diminished sleep troubles:  Soaking in a hot tub raises your body temperature, relaxes your muscles and reduces stress leading to deeper, more restful, continuous sleep.
    • Diabetes management: Regular hot tub use improves circulation allowing nutrient-rich blood to reach muscles and help reduce blood sugar levels.
    • Speedy sports recovery: Lactic acid builds up in muscles during intense workouts causing stiffness and soreness. The increased blood flow and decreased strain on muscles/joints that a hot tub provides can reduce inflammation providing immediate relief and speeding the recovery process.
    • Decreased chronic pain and arthritis: Arthritis is a common malady characterized by joint pain, swelling and a decreased range of motion. Warm water therapy diminishes swelling, pain, tension, and joint tenderness. Researchers found a significant reduction in arthritis pain after just two weeks of hydrotherapy. 
    • Improved range of motion:  Regular usage of your hot tub can help restore lost flexibility and slow the natural stiffening that comes with age. The buoyancy experienced in a spa relieves muscle tension, allowing your joints and muscles to relax and become more pliable.
    • Reduced lower back pain: Chronic and acute back pain are common ailments. Hydrotherapy and massage can help loosen tight muscles and joints, decrease stiffness, boost circulation and assist in the release of toxins. A hot tub is a perfect place to get both hydrotherapy and massage for your back pain!
    • Improved cardiovascular health: Soaking in a hot tub raises your body temperature, lowers blood pressure and increases your heart rate helping your cardiovascular system stay healthy.
    • Stress reduction: A soak in your spa is the perfect stress reliever. It takes you away from your daily activities, lets you relax, clears your mind and relieves aches and pains leaving you feeling rested and focused. It can improve your emotional and psychological state.
    • Reduced fibromyalgia symptoms: Hydrotherapy improves sleep quality, physical function, psychological disorders and physical symptoms in patients with fibromyalgia. 



A hot tub offers more than just leisure and relaxation. The buoyancy, heat and massage provided by a spa can help improve a variety of ailments. Take a soothing soak in a hot tub and reap the multitude of health benefits. Reduce stress, ease pain, improve sleep and increase flexibility. Make time in a spa a part of your daily routine.


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