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The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

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July 9, 2018

Perhaps as long as there has been civilization, people have recognized the healing ability of water. Ancient civilizations in Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and Japan each had a unique and powerful culture of using water, in the form of natural hot springs and baths, for rejuvenation and treatment of ailments. Today, we encourage Calgarians to take a step back into history and embrace ancient wisdom as they search for a natural and soothing therapy they can benefit from in the comfort of their own home.

Thermotherapy, or heat therapy, is an extremely useful self-therapy for people suffering with arthritis, stiff muscles, or deep tissue injuries. Heat has been shown to increase blood circulation and the extensibility of collagen tissues; it relieves muscle spasms and reduces inflammation, joint stiffness, and general pain. Thermotherapy has also been shown to reduce the pain and frequency of chronic headaches. This is because many chronic headaches are due to extremely stiff and tense muscles in the back and neck. Heat can help these muscles to loosen and rejuvenate.


The other half of what makes hydrotherapy in your hot tub so effective is hydromassage. Hydromassage uses water pressure to mimic massage techniques. It’s a noninvasive massage technique that can help to sooth soft tissue injuries and alleviate muscle soreness. Hydromassage has been a treatment for thousands of years, and today it’s used by modern Canadians to relieve low back pain, chronic and acute pain (including arthritic pain), TMJ, tendinitis, and sports injuries. Hydromassage can also benefit people struggling with Crohn’s Disease, insomnia, pregnancy discomforts, MS, and more.

American Whirlpool 470 is a favourite among Calgarians searching for the perfect spa to facilitate hydrotherapy. Designed with comfort and elegance in mind, the American Whirlpool 470 can easily sit 6 adults, and boasts numerous, sought-after features in the standard model. For Calgarians searching for a hydrotherapy spa, two standard features that really stand out are the shiatsu massage seat and the zone therapy seat.

The zone therapy seat was designed in collaboration with physicians. Every jet is carefully placed to target sensitive tissues with just the right amount of pressure to promote healing.

Based on traditional Chinese medicine, shiatsu is a massage technique developed in Japan. Modern shiatsu grew from a centuries old practice of Tui Na, first introduced to Japan during the Nara period (710–793 CE). This technique typically uses fingers, thumbs, feet, and palms to gentle massage the body. American Whirlpool 470 removes the need to find a shiatsu expert by providing the same massage with jets of water.

American Whirlpool 481 offers all the same great features of the 470 and more. For Calgarians with a little more room (this hot tub boasts 91.5″ X 91.5″ dimensions), the Whirlpool 481 is the ideal luxury spa with all the bells and whistles. Beyond the physician designed zone therapy seat and shiatsu massage seat, American Whirlpool 481 also comes standard with the Foot Relief Zone™.

The Foot Relief Zone carefully targets points along your feet to increase circulation to your extremities and relax your entire body. Every jet is strategically positioned and fully adjustable to ensure optimal comfort and relaxation no matter the size of your feet.

Canadians are more stressed than ever and suffer from numerous chronic pain ailments. At RnR Hot Tubs and Spas, we’re proud to be a part of the solution. Take back your evenings and rejuvenate your body and your mind using hydrotherapy. If you have any questions about which American Whirlpool spa is the best for you and your priorities, give us a call or visit our location. Our Calgary hot tub experts are here to answer you questions and help you find the perfect spa for you.

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