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Hot Tubs are an Investment in Your Health

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November 1, 2016

Here in Alberta, we’re pretty lucky. Canadians tend to be long lived, and we rarely die of easily treated diseases or infections. In general, we’re well fed, well watered, and live comfortable lives. When you already have good food to eat and easy access to doctors, it can be hard to recognize what’s left to do to benefit your health. Sure, you could always exercise more or maybe cut back on dessert, but in general, things are doing pretty well. But, if you’re still looking for a way to feel better and healthier, a new hot tub might be just what the doctor ordered.

Lower your Blood Pressure.

Instead of worrying about lions coming to eat us, Canadians worry about work and family and money, and sometimes, we even worry about worrying. All that stress is hard on the system, and the best treatment is some quiet, calm, TLC. If you want to lower your blood pressure the natural way, you should carve out some time in that busy schedule of yours for some “me-time.” Reading a favourite novel or going for a walk are both great ways to relax, but we definitely suggest using a spa. It’s our favourite way to decompress at the end of a day.

Relieve Arthritis Pain.

These achy problems can make it hard to walk, write, and do all manner of activities that you used to enjoy. Sometimes, doctors can prescribe you something that helps, but often the effects are minimal. Spending time in your very own hot tub on the other hand has helped many Canadians to combat arthritis. The water lifts and supports your body. It cradles your joints and muscles and soothes them with motion and heat. Many doctors also suggest water exercising to help maintain your strength and encourage movement. A spa with a jet nozzle can even offer a massage right where you need it most.

Sleep Better.

Many Canadians today struggle to sleep well. Electricity can keep the lights on well after midnight and the internet can be an all consuming distraction at all hours of the night. Perhaps this is why hot tubbers who shut off the tv or close the laptop and just have a soak before bed tend to sleep better. Or maybe it’s that the water is so wonderfully warm. Either way, if you have trouble drifting off to dreamland or with waking up still tired, a soak before bed may be the answer.

Whether you’re looking for a natural way to sleep better, lower your blood pressure, or relieve arthritis pain, a hot tub may just be a great addition to your health routine. Come into RnR hot tubs today and see the different models and features that will help you relax and get the most out of your spa.

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