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The Best Massage Ever

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October 17, 2016

Have you ever heard of hydrotherapy? Regardless of whether age or injury is causing you pain, humans have been using warmth and water to sooth sore muscles for thousands of years. A high-volume, low pressure jetting system can be the perfect thing to ease the stiffness out of muscles and give you a massage exactly where you need it. Here are just a few ways a hot tub massage helps you to feel better!

Give Your Body a Break.

Your bones and muscles are constantly working under the pressure of the atmosphere and your body weight. Usually, your body handles the work just fine. But sometimes trauma like a fall or chronic pain gets the better of you. When you soak in water, the dense water helps to cradle your body. It pushes you upwards (this is why people can float) and reduces the weight your muscles have to hold.

Improve Circulation.

All that wonderful, warm water isn’t just relaxing and comforting to sore muscles — it also helps improve circulation. Often knots in our muscles are cause by blood having a hard time accessing certain areas. But as you warm up, your body will change how your circulatory system is working. These heat-triggered changes may help you get circulation where you need it most.


One of the best things you can do for your body is just relax. While sitting in your hot tub and enjoying a massage just because you can is amazing, many Calgarians turn to spas because their aching muscles need some help. Investing in a spa where you can just relax, enjoy the hot water, and let the jets do their thing will help injuries to heal faster. Let your hot tub help you to feel better sooner!

We love hearing how much our customers love their spas and the massage they can get from the jets. Nothing makes us happier than listening to how a hot tub helped a customer to feel better and healthier. If you’re searching for the perfect massage that’s available 24/7 at your home, come into RnR Hot Tubs today! Our expert staff would be happy to point you towards the spas best suited to your needs.

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