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August 1, 2018

Calgary hot tub lovers have benefited from our convenient warehouse location on Barlow Trail SE for years. But what they may not have realized is that our warehouse offers numerous great benefits to our customers beyond an easy to find location. By choosing to keep our hot tubs in a warehouse instead of a showroom, we’re able to provide Calgarians better customer service and more affordable prices.

Calgary MAAX Spas

Did you know that 1 out of every 2 Calgary hot tub owners has and uses MAAX Spa products? MAAX has been the leading hot tub and swim spa manufacturer for over 40 years. Today MAAX manufactures hot tubs under two fantastic brands: Vita Spa, which boasts 30 years of providing spa owners with the highest-quality comfort and relaxation, and American Whirlpool, which are designed to offer superior hydrotherapy and relaxation. At RnR Hot Tubs & Spas, we exclusively sell MAAX spas, so whether you need information about a MAAX spa product you already have at home or one you’re considering purchasing, our experts have the answers you need.

No Fancy Showroom; No Showroom Prices

Showrooms look beautiful and catch the eye, but they’re also exorbitantly expensive to maintain and keep sparkling. At RnR, we believe our customers prefer our modest warehouse. After all, by operating out of a warehouse, we can maximize our value to the customer. That allows us to keep prices low. On top of affordability, our customers still benefit from all the services they expect. They can enjoy a gallery of hot tubs, accessories, chemicals, and water testing. We also offer wet tests.

Refurbished Hot Tubs

Our warehouse space also means we have more room for refurbished hot tubs. There are many reasons why some Calgarians choose to buy used, and we want to accommodate everyone interested in purchasing a spa — whether it’s new or used. Some of our customers just want to start out with a refurbished model, knowing that our technicians have refurbished their start-up hot tub. Other Calgarians want a hot tub, but they can’t quite afford a new spa right now. At RnR, we don’t believe that the many benefits of using a spa should be exclusive to those who can afford a luxurious, sprawling, new hot tub. That’s why we’re proud to offer Calgarians with smaller budgets the opportunity to purchase a refurbished hot tub.

Each of our refurbished hot tub is carefully examined and every flaw is perfected. Choosing a refurbished hot tub from RnR means peace of mind for discount prices.

Hot tubs provide soothing relaxation. They fill everyone’s need for comfort and warmth in a way that nothing else quite matches, so it’s not a surprise that many of our new customers have wanted a hot tub for years. We like to think that our warehouse prices help to make the goal of hot tub ownership more accessible for all Calgarians. To learn more about MAAX Spas or to schedule your wet test, contact the hot tub experts at RnR today!

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