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Why Steel Framed Swim Spas are a must!

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April 1, 2023

There are many styles, sizes and brands of swim spas. They come with numerous possible accessories and/or options (waterfalls, Aquabike, treadmill, audio system, wireless control, mobile app, cover/lifter, LED lighting, resistance/rowing kit, Ozonator, spa vac, etc.) There is so much to consider when you’re searching for the perfect swim spa for your backyard! One feature that many buyers fail to consider is the frame of the spa. Steel-frame construction is a must!  


What is the frame of a swim spa and what’s its purpose?

The frame of a swim spa supports the shell and provides a structure on which to attach equipment (heaters, pumps, control boxes, ozone generators, etc.). This frame is crucial to the swim spa’s integrity and resilience. It’s the backbone and support for the entire structure.Swim Spas Swim Spas can hold 18,500 lbs of water weight and structure is very important. Steel is 250% stronger than wood and 40% lighter. It also allows for onsite serviceability on Appliance Grade Spas saving our customers $1000’s in maintenance and servicing costs. 


What materials are used to make swim spa frames?

Swim spas are traditionally made with wood frames. More recently steel-frame options have become available. The substructure of Vita Spas, American Whirlpool and MAAX spas are fabricated from galvanized steel. These are referred to as steel frame spas.


What are the benefits of a steel frame swim spa?

There are a number of advantages to choosing a steel-framed swim spa. 

  • Strength: Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material available. It’s 40% lighter and 250% stronger than wood. Vita Spas, American Whirlpool and MAAX spas are fabricated from industrial-grade steel. Their frames are designed to withstand the harshest environments.
  • Resistance: Wood and water don’t mix! Water damage can cause a wooden frame to warp and rot and wood is susceptible to animal infestation and insect damage. Steel is dimensionally stable. It won’t expand or contract with moisture and will never rot, warp, split or crack. Steel frames are zinc-coated, rust-resistant, and impervious to animal and insect damage. 
  • Longevity/Warranty: Galvanized steel will last for decades! Vita Spas, American Whirlpool and MAAX spas come with a lifetime warranty on the steel frame. This means for the lifetime of your ownership (25 years) you can feel secure knowing any component of the structural frame will be replaced or fixed to factory specifications should it become damaged in the operation of the swim spa. Steel-framed swim spas give you 15 more years of enjoyment than wood. 

Steel-frame swim spas are superior to wood-framed spas in strength and resistance. They generally come with a lifetime warranty. This results in fewer issues and happier owners. When you’re looking for a swim spa to purchase, consider the material composing the substructure. Choose a steel-framed spa, then add all the accessories you desire! 

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