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Experience Pays Off: Using a Full-Service Dealer for Your Hot Tub Purchase and Install

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April 15, 2023

Choosing and purchasing a hot tub is a big undertaking and it’s only the first step in the process of establishing your spa in your backyard. You must also carefully choose a location, adequately prepare your site for spa delivery, and handle all electrical needs. You may need a permit. You’ll also need to know how to fill your hot tub and how to use chemicals to balance your spa. Choosing, preparing for and installing your hot tub can seem complicated and overwhelming. Consider purchasing your spa from a full-service dealer that sells high-quality spas and provides a full scope of services required for installation and aftercare. Their knowledge, experience and attention to detail make this complex project simple. They provide information and tips that ease the purchase, preparation for and care of your spa. Their assistance is invaluable! The following are areas in which a full-service dealer will provide information and assistance: 

    • Getting you the best deal: Don’t make your buying decision based only on the initial price. A full-service dealer gets you the best deal by helping you invest in a quality product. They take into account the purchase price and total cost of ownership. They’ll help you find an energy-efficient model to save on your utility bill. They know which insulation system will meet your needs. You can’t go wrong with a dealer that carries Vita Spas, American Whirlpool, and MAAX Spas. These companies use intensive research and development to bring their customers top-quality products. They pay careful attention to detail and are dedicated to creating the best possible spa. They demonstrate a commitment to quality and longevity and their hot tubs come with lifetime warranties. Their systems allow for onsite service and will save you thousands of dollars in lifetime ownership costs.
    • Choosing a high-quality hot tub: Some spas are not created for severe winter weather and will only last 3 to 5 years. Some can handle our winter but their subpar construction lasts only 10 to 12 years. Choose a dealer that handles MAAX Spas, American Whirlpool, and Vita Spas. These companies have been creating industry-leading spas and swim spas for more than 40 years. Their development teams have pioneered a number of innovations that lead the industry in build quality, performance, comfort and energy efficiency. Their commitment to quality and innovation keeps them at the top of the industry, with untold thousands of happy and relaxed customers.  MAAX Spas, American Whirlpool, and Vita Spas have:
  • Steel frame construction: The frame of a hot tub is crucial to its integrity and resilience. Vita Spas, American Whirlpool and MAAX spas are fabricated from industrial-grade steel. Their frames are designed to withstand the harshest environments. They have greater structural integrity than wooden frames (40% lighter and 250% stronger), superior corrosion protection, won’t expand or contract with moisture, are strong/durable and guaranteed for life. The steel frame will never rot, warp, split or crack.
  • The ABS-sealed base is a key element in the support structure of Vita Spas, American Whirlpool and MAAX spas. Its one-piece construction is a rugged foundation that locks in heat and seals out moisture.
    • Thermo lock: Built like a thermal pane window, American Whirlpool, Vita Spas and Maax Spas trap air for heat insulation. The sides and floor of the spa are lined with reflective material to create an infrared thermal barrier for fast, efficient heat and reduction of energy use. Radiant heat energy from the pumps and equipment reflects back to the hot tub and is absorbed by the plumbing, maintaining water temperature and improving heat efficiency. 
    • BLUEMAAX™: American Whirlpool, Vita Spas and Maax Spas feature eco-friendly BlueMAAX® insulation. Made from recycled natural fibre, this insulation contains no chemical irritants and is treated to prevent mould and mildew growth as well as pest infestation. It’s also fire retardant and highly energy efficient. 
    • 3M Thinsulate™: In addition, the entire spa exterior (just inside the cabinetry) is wrapped in industry-leading 3M Thinsulate, the same incredible material you’ll find in quality winter wear like jackets and gloves.
  • Getting your spa set up: A full-service dealer employs project managers that provide information and assistance with site preparation and installation. They consider all the requirements of a client and provide support for the lifetime of the spa including sourcing quality chemicals, providing water testing services, maintenance checks and an extensive warranty.  
  •  Ongoing service: A full-service hot tub dealer is about more than sales. They support their clients for the lifetime of the spa, providing service personnel to assist you with your ongoing needs. They have a parts bank, ensuring that, should you need it, your wait for parts and service is short.  Water testing, site inspections, an online store and onsite water care are offered to make owning your hot tub a breeze. Some dealers even offer a spa school to assist you in learning the ins and outs of spa care.  
  • Warranty care: A full-service dealer supports excellent warranty coverage and employs qualified technicians, making unexpected repairs easy. You can rest assured that your spa will be up and running as quickly as possible. 


Many new hot tub dealers have recently entered the marketplace. As a buyer, remember that  experience matters. Choosing a full-service dealer with an established reputation makes a huge difference to your buying and ownership experience. They not only help you get the perfect spa for your needs at the best price, but they also provide information, assist with set up and are available for your repair and maintenance needs. Work with a dealer that has a reputation for customer care, ensures all of your needs are met and carries high-quality spas. This guarantees that you’ll enjoy your hot tub for many years. Trust the experience of a full-service dealer when you make your hot tub decision. 

Thinking of purchasing a hot tub? Need a full-service dealer that can provide information and advice on which hot tub is best for you and assist in choosing and preparing a site for your spa? Want a dealer with a spa school that walks you through basic water chemistry? The experts at RnR Hot Tubs and Spas are here to help. We are a leader in spa technology and education and carry a variety of hot tub/swim spa models from major brands, including Vita Spas, American Whirlpool, and MAAX Spas. We’re the spa shop for you. Owned by service professionals with over 30 years of experience, we help make your purchase exceptional. Please call 403-203-0860 to set up an appointment.

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