How to Clean Your Hot Tub Filter

Hot Tubs & Spas Calgary

Do you have frugal tendencies? Believe in Doing It Yourself? You can clean your own hot tub filter in most cases – here are some tips on how to do it! Method One: Rinsing Check your manufacturer’s instructions for removing your cartridge filter before you attempt it yourself, since you’ll have to remove it before
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Hot Tub Covers

RnR Hot Tubs and Spas Calgary

Whether you’re considering buying a hot tub, or have had one for years, you’ll need a good cover to keep it insulated and clean from debris. Why do you need one, and what should you look for? What do Hot Tub Covers Do? Hot tub or spa covers have two main purposes: conserving energy and
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Why Isn’t My Hot Tub Heating?

Hot Tubs & Spas Calgary

After a long day of work, slipping into your hot tub can be the most relaxing thing. But what happens when you hop into the water and realize…that it’s more like a cold tub? That’s not exactly what you signed on for. Why isn’t your hot tub heating properly? Here are a few common reasons
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Unwinding After Winter Activities

Unwinding After Winter Activities - RnR Hot Tubs and Spa - Hot Tubs and Spa Calgary

Now that winter has come around again, you might be planning to head out for some skiing, ice skating, or other winter activities. After a long, chilly day out, there’s nothing quite like getting warm again and relaxing in your hot tub, so here are a few winter relaxation tips to get you feeling cozy
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Relaxation Through Meditation

Relaxation Through Meditation - RnR Hot Tibs - Hot Tubs Calgary

We live in a fast-paced world, and it’s important to find a way of managing and relieving stress that you can rely on. Meditation, for instance, has been well-documented to have excellent effects on physical and mental well-being. So how can we combine that with the wonders of a hot tub? The Perfect Match Considering
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