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July 17, 2023

Picture a place of serenity, peace and relaxation. Imagine healing waters that massage and restore you, renewing your body and enlivening your spirit. This is the world of Vita Spas and it may be only a few footsteps away. In fact, it could be in your own backyard. Vita Spas manufacture hot tubs with quality, comfort and innovation. Their spas come with an array of features to meet the needs and desires of all users.

Part of Vita Spas feature-rich 700 series, the Riviera is a marvel of function and technology, providing restoration, healing waters and massage to renew sore muscles and provide ease and relaxation. The all-over massage provided by the calf, thigh, back and shoulder jets is enhanced by the inclusion of two large foot jets. With seating for up to 7 people, you can choose the sports lounge (reclined armchair feel), a large corner seat, the cuddle couch or the cool-down seat. The Riviera boasts 3 high-power jet pumps, 61 Halo Pro-Loc™ Stainless Steel jets, 4 Cascade water features and LED lighting (found underwater as well as surrounding the coasters, pillows and fountains). Discover relaxation that feels like a day at the spa when you immerse yourself in the waters of the Riviera! 

Looking for particular options to enhance your experience? The Riviera meets the challenge with the following options to customize your spa:

  • CleanZone: The CleanZone® Ozone System is a cartridge oxidizer that is used to oxidize and clean your spa water. This water purification system will automatically maintain healthy, crystal-clear water while reducing chemical maintenance.
  • CleanZone Ultra: The use of the CleanZone® II UVC light kills 99.9% of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and parasites, making this the perfect system for your hot tub sanitizing system.
  • Vita Tunes: The Bluetooth Music System is both waterproof and corrosion resistant and the speakers boast a crisp, clear sound for true music fidelity. The state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology lets you enjoy your favourite artists and playlists anytime with this easy-to-use music system.

Want to enjoy your hot tub for many years? The Riviera is built to last! It has:

  • An appliance-grade steel frame system: 40% lighter and 250% stronger than traditional wood frame spas, the Vita Spa steel frame is weatherproof, corrosion free and backed with a lifetime structural warranty. It locks in heat, seals out moisture and allows for complete serviceability of the entire structure. 
  • An ABS-sealed base is a key element in the support structure of Vita Spas. Its one-piece construction is a rugged foundation that locks in heat and seals out moisture. 
  • Ease of repairs: The high R-value and Appliance Grade™ construction of Vita Spas allows a technician to service the entire hot tub and bring it back to factory specifications at your location. There is no need to transport your spa to the dealer for servicing. 
  • Durable skirting: All Vita Spa models come standard with ecologically friendly and virtually 100% maintenance-free Excel-X™ cabinet material, designed to look like wood without the hassle of weathering and maintenance.
  • A great warranty: The insulation system in every Vita Spa is guaranteed to maintain the same insulation value it had at the time it was manufactured, for the life of your ownership. These spas come with a lifetime warranty on the steel frame. This means you can feel secure knowing any component of the structural frame will be replaced or fixed to factory specifications should it become damaged in the operation of the hot tub. Steel-framed hot tubs give you 15 more years of enjoyment than wood!

Vita Spas are known to build some of the best hot tubs in the industry. They stand behind their products and their customers. They deliver innovative features and designs in all their spas, building with quality materials and supporting operational excellence at all levels of their business. Their commitment to quality and innovation keeps them at the top of the industry, with untold thousands of happy and relaxed customers. If you’re considering purchasing a hot tub, check out the Riviera by Vita Spas.

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