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Using Your Hot Tub to Beat the Winter Blues

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January 4, 2016

If you feel like you lose energy and vitality during the coldest months, you’re not imagining things. Winter can take its toll both physically and mentally. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how you can use a hot tub to soak away your winter troubles!

Cold Weather Gloom

Winter introduces a lot of changes to our environment that our bodies don’t always fare well against. Fewer hours of daylight means decreased levels of vitamin D and an unfavorable shift in your biological clock. This has an effect on your general rhythm and well-being each day, leading you to lose steam earlier than you would thanks to the early sunset. Many people also often lose track of their exercise and are more susceptible to aching in muscles and joints. It all adds up to a case of winter blues that you’ll need to fight in order to maintain your sense of well-being.

The Aid of a Hot Tub

Taking advantage of your tub will be particularly effective during the day when you’ll be able to soak up some sunlight. In fact, getting up a bit early and maximizing your daily amount of sunlight while having a quick soak can set the tone for a more relaxed state of mind that will carry you through your workday or daily errands. Our previous blog on using a hot tub after a winter sport mentioned the benefits of a hot tub in avoiding muscular and joint aches. Even if you don’t have time for winter sports, however, avoiding soreness brought on by tighter muscles in everyday winter life is a key ingredient for better, less stressful days.

The Importance of Winter Well-Being

We may be accustomed to the feelings that come along with those cold months, but that doesn’t mean we have to settle for them. Taking advantage of your hot tub can be combined with other forms of winter stress management to keep your well-being in check. Whether it’s spending time engaging in fun winter activities during the day with your friends and family or treating yourself to aromatherapy and meditation, good winter well-being will keep you on the right foot for the year to come!
No matter what the season, a healthy state of mind is of the utmost importance. For more on how to get the most relaxation out of your hot tub, give RnR a call at (403) 203-0860 today!

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