Swimming at Home for Kids

Swimming at Home For Kids

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December 15, 2021

No pool close by? Not comfortable taking your children to a public pool during the pandemic? A swim spa may be the answer.

What is a swim spa?

A swim spa is a safe alternative to visiting a public pool, and it offers a fun and secure environment for kids to learn how to swim, practice, and just play! The large rectangular pool design allows space for arm and leg movement, and the water resistance is a great way to increase physical activity. Plus, these swim spas can be used all year round with the adjustable water temperature.

Benefits of a swim spa for your children:

  • Convenient water play: No need to pack suits, sunscreen, snacks and towels. No need to shuffle your schedule to find the time for a day at the pool. A swim spa in your backyard means swimming and water play is at your convenience.  
  • Variety of activities: Anything you can do in a pool, you can do in a swim spa. No overcrowding and/or waiting in line for equipment. The uniformly shallow water makes it easy and safe for kids to participate in games and invent a few of their own.
    • Dive for small weighted pool rings or sticks.
    • Hide an odd collection of items in the swim spa for the kids to find.
    • Small remote control boats are a blast to drive around in the water.
    • Turn on the swim jets and your swim spa becomes a wave pool with the help of a boogie board.
    • Try volleyball, basketball or badminton. Use nets with weighted bases or anchor a badminton net into the ground and stretch it across the swim spa 
    • Consider swim spa hockey. Get the floating duckie to touch the opposing team’s side of the swim spa using only water or air.
    • Play pass the bottle by moving a water bottle (from person to person) around the tub without using your hands. You can use any other parts of your body, including your backside!
    • Avoid the ping pong ball. Drop a couple of balls in the middle of the swim spa, then scramble like mad to get out of the way! If a ball touches you, you must sit outside of the tub until there is only one player left. 
    • Play cards! Grab a Frisbee and flip it upside down to use as a playing table. Use plastic (waterproof) cards. Play any card game you want.
  • Family time: Our hectic schedules can make it difficult to find time to devote to the ones we love. Spending time with your kids in your swim spa is a great way to strengthen your relationships as it removes you from distractions and opens the door to conversation and play.
  • Better sleep: Have your kids soak/play in the swim spa for 20 to 30 minutes 1 ½ to 2 hours before bedtime. The hot water elevates their body’s temperature above its normal 36 to 37 degrees Celsius. After exiting the swim spa, your child’s body slowly cools telling their system it’s time for sleep enabling them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Your swim spa can help your child maintain a healthy sleep cycle and aids with issues like insomnia and racing thoughts by encouraging relaxation and drowsiness. 
  • Teach them to swim: Kids love to learn how to swim in a swim spa! The adjustable water temperature can make it easier for kids to acclimatize to the water, helping them feel comfortable. You can teach them how to control their buoyancy in the water and thereby manage to float as well as introduce a variety of swim strokes. 
  • Keep up their training: With many children’s sports on hold due to the pandemic, your child can keep up their fitness training with the use of a swim spa. Turn on the current for a low-resistance swim lane to help your kids practice their swimming strokes! Use the water resistance to gradually build up their strength and endurance. Optional rowing kits and resistance bands create some great strength training options.

Skip the public pool! Have your children hang out in the safety of your own backyard. Consider installing a swim spa. There’s no end to the enjoyment and convenience! Challenge children in the swim lane, encourage play or have them simply soak in the warm water to relax and ease stress.

Interested in the safety and convenience of a swim spa? Want an alternative to the public pool for your kids? Call Alberta’s premier hot tub store, RnR Hot Tubs at (403) 203-0860 or fill the request form. We are a leader in spa technology and education and carry a variety of swim spa models from major brands including Vita Spas, American Whirlpool, and MAAX Spas. We’re a trusted provider in Alberta, ensuring quality, longevity and affordability to all of our customers.

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